Inventing Winning Research Paper Topics And Thesis Statements

Different ways to write a winning research paper topic and thesis statement

Whenever you are asked to choose a topic from a list of topics, you need to do it very cautiously. An impressive topic attracts the audience from a distance. Furthermore, each and every topic has some keyword that decides the content and the structure of the research paper. Think whether you want to write a research paper topic while drawing an analysis, carrying some argument, writing the description or discussing the topic.

Steps to write a thesis statement

  • From the list, choose the topic that appeals you most.
  • Ensure that it has loads of information.
  • Think if there is anything confusing that you will not be able to explain.
  • When you write the thesis statement, ensure that you can narrow down the topic so that it can match with your word count.
  • Organize your ideas via an outline. Jot down all the chief ideas avoiding any repetition of terms in the topic.
  • Your topic should be easily categorized into introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Your topic should be simple, to the point and impressive. Active keywords should be used with necessary details.
  • The topic should not be more than 10-12 words. Lengthy title will only confuse you but will draw your attention from the significant aspect.
  • Use descriptive words to make the title further attractive.
  • No abbreviations and jargons should be used.

Just keep these points in mind and you will get the list of your choice.

Check out some examples -

  • Horrific effects of drug ABC in Schizophrenia patients.
  • What do you think is a better way of doing the placement- placement via academic abilities or placement done on the basis of age?
  • How discrimination in education affects the personality of a student?
  • How internet has affected the adolescents?
  • Do you think Federal government should be allowed to regulate information on web?
  • How prolonged usage of steroids effect the human body?
  • What are the various types of sleeping disorders and their ways of treatment?
  • How prolonged exposure to sun can affect us in long term?
  • What are the effects of tobacco on human body? Discuss it for both the genders?
  • Discuss any of the psychological disorder?
  • Which is better – aerobics or yoga?
  • How much work out on daily basis decides your fitness?
  • Has communication in the society has declined due to increase in technology?
  • How males and females communicate via body language on work place, dating site or in the social circle?

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