Recommendations For Students Preparing Write A Research Paper On Music And Autism

The first thing you must do is figure out exactly what you will you focus on with you a research paper on autism and music. From that, you can come up with the title of your paper and lay a path for establishing a strong thesis statement. If you do that, you can write just about anything on any topic. Writing a paper on autism and music is no different. So, here are some examples of what you could use to form a strong thesis statement:

Thesis Ideas

  • Classical music has been shown to benefit people of any age who struggle with autism.
  • Music therapy treatment for school-age children in the United States is on the rise.
  • Autism does not have to be an education barrier when music is used to aid learning.
  • When music is used to help autism patients, their speech has been shown to improve.
  • Parents can use music at home to help their autistic child flourish.

Now that you have an idea what your thesis will be about, you should start gathering as much information about the subject material. Here are a few good ideas of what you can do to gather your material.

Gathering Material

  • Call nearby hospitals and check if you can speak to a doctor who specializes in autism.
  • Of course, go to the campus library and gather as much information you can.
  • Go to a clinic or education center that specializes in children with autism and see if you can speak to a doctor, parent, or possibly sit in on a class when music is being used as therapy to see some of the results first hand.
  • This way you get a much better understanding of what you are writing about.
  • Most definitely use the internet to gather any information you could not find at your campus or neighborhood library.

Once you have done the research for your paper, you can start writing up an outline with all of the sources and notes you gathered. After the outline, try to write your first draft as quickly as possible to get all of the information out of your head and on paper. Remember, you are going to go back and make a ton of corrections before submitting the final copy. So, focus on putting the words on paper and make your corrections after as you piece your written puzzle together.

After you have followed these steps, you should have a paper you can be proud of. So, relax, take a deep breathe, and get to writing that research paper on autism and music.

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