Research Paper Titles About Hamlet For You To Consider

If there is one thing that Shakespeare did so well in his work, it is the way he uses the plays to act as a mirror into the things that ail our society. The following are some good titles that you can work with if you are to write a paper on Hamlet:

  • Discuss the reasons for the justification of Hamlet’s sanity in the play by Shakespeare
  • Critically examine the roles that the villains of Hamlet played in the development of the plot of this story
  • From your point of view, discuss the way Hamlet transforms through the story from the beginning to the end
  • Highlight the concept of a ghost as used in the play Hamlet
  • Using the case of how Hamlet fell under the influence of others, highlight how most people in the society today follow the same trend
  • Religion plays an important role in our lives. Discuss the importance of religion as has been used by Shakespeare in this play
  • Discuss the importance of having true friends in life, drawing inference from the role that Horatio plays in the Hamlet story
  • Explain, basing your arguments on the story of Hamlet, how discord and fear manifest in the life of an individual
  • Discuss the theme of revenge in the play Hamlet, as has been developed through the play, and cite important lessons that we can learn from the same
  • Compare and contrast the way in which the author portrayed revenge as a theme in Hamlet and Fortinbras
  • Evil, when unchecked can be such a powerful force. Using the case of Hamlet, discuss the power that evil has
  • Elaborate the main character traits that are portrayed by Hamlet, and discuss how these traits help in the development of the overall theme of the play
  • Women have an important role to play in the society. Discuss how this role has been portrayed throughout the play Hamlet
  • Discuss the conflict that brews within Hamlet as an individual, and how this affects the course of the play
  • Explain the importance of Horatio and Ophelia in the play Hamlet, and why Hamlet cannot do without them
  • Discuss the effective use of soliloquies in the play Hamlet
  • Having gone through these, you can take some time and read the play once more, and see if you can also be able to come up with some brilliant ideas on your own.

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