Research Paper Topics: Helpful Manual With Brilliant Ideas

Developing an original and interesting research topic, in any discipline, is a tough task. It’s much easier to receive a list of prompts straight from your professor, but this simply won’t be the case every time. Luckily, we’ve got experts that come up with topic ideas all the time. The following is brief but helpful manual on how to come up with some of topics on your own, as well as short list of some brilliant ideas for you to consider:

Look at Your Course Readings

If you are running out of time before your assignment is due, you can simply have a look at your course syllabus and come up with some ideas by looking at the lectures, required and recommended readings. You can get tons of ideas by just spending a few minutes brainstorming and making a list of the areas from within the course that interested you the most. Just be sure to get your research paper topic approved by your instructor before starting. You wouldn’t want to waste time working on an assignment that doesn’t meet the basic requirements.

Check Out Current Issues on TV

Another good way of coming up with research paper topics is to find out about current issues, most notably being discussed on the news. Between local news and national news you can spend an hour writing down whatever is currently a hot topic and develop dozens of questions. Again, you should have your topic approved before proceeding, but this method is highly effective.

Read Through Some Headlines

Similar to the above suggestion, you can find research paper topics by reading current headline in newspapers or current affair magazines. You can get a decent head start by referencing these materials as you proceed with your own work, so be sure to find as many perspective on your topic to get a well-rounded idea of what it is you will be doing your study on.

List of Research Paper Topics Ideas

  1. What are the major risks of prolonged exposure to the sun versus those of short-term exposure to artificial light as in tanning beds?
  2. What is a more effective method for predicting a student’s success in education? Standardized testing or coursework?
  3. In terms of funding education, should the separation of church and state despite the public contribution to the church?
  4. Many educators suggest that test-taking is really a matter of measuring one’s ability to take tests? Should they be outlawed or replaced?
  5. Given the right to protest against abortion, how can policy makers help protect the work of abortion doctors and pregnant women?

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