How To Compose An MLA Style Research Paper For A Biology Class?

This short tutorial letter can be used by a variety of role players and stakeholders in academia and, in particular, the field of biology. As the title of this letter points out, this brief guide, more of a reminder to practiced academic writers, will apply to lecturers in biology who may have been mandated by their faculty to prepare their class work by using the widely used MLA style.

Other role players and stakeholders, not necessarily in the subject specific area of biology, will include the lecturer’s own students, senior university students, high school teachers as well as their own students who are being introduced to advanced practices in preparation for their future college work. Journalists and other professional and commercial writers will also fall within this domain.

Those still new to the practice need to be fully aware of what the MLA style entails from the outset. After a brief description, a quick introductory guide will be given to teachers on how to compose such a research paper for their biology class, in particular. MLA is the acronym for the Modern Language Association. It is widely used in the field of humanities.

Depending on the material being taught or lesson being prepared, this convention can be applied to the subject of biology. School principals and faculty leaders should be able to guide their teachers on their provisos, if they haven’t already done this. Also, additional higher and practical learning is available to inform and guide teachers and their students.

The format of the MLA research paper is surprisingly basic. So, in this case, with practice, it will be easy to apply during the composition of written class lessons:

  • Across the board, double-spacing is required. In all areas of the paper’s typed sheet, one-inch margins are used.
  • Even for such purposes as a biology class, a Works Cited page is going to be helpful.
  • Use of the present tense in the context of the subject of biology is well advised. Deviation from this is relevant when quoting directly from cited works where the past tense has already been used.
  • When mentioning previous papers or lessons, these should be underlined or italicized.

This was a short introduction on how to compose an MLA style research paper for a biology class. As an intro to new writers, it was important to point out some of the basics on how the MLA paper is generally structured.

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