The Best Topics For A Microbiology Research Paper

Picking the right topic for your microbiology paper can be a frustrating process. You don’t want to pick a topic that has been talked about too many times before but you also want to avoid topics that have very little research to support them. To help you do my biology homework and find a topic with the right balance I have listed 10 of the best microbiology research topics for you to choose from.

  1. Bioterrorism
  2. As technology develops, the limits of bioweapons increase as well. This is topic that can be looked at from both a preventative and consequential angle.

  3. Resistance to Antibiotics
  4. One of the major limitations of modern medicine is the ability to get ahead of the curve when it comes to the evolved immunity of viruses and bacteria. You can discuss the problem as well potential solutions to overcoming the issue.

  5. Extraterrestrial Life
  6. Discuss the existing evidence for life in space. Identify the current theories about life on other planets and the plausibility of alien life actually existing.

  7. Gene Therapy
  8. The use of gene therapy has been a highly controversial topic in biology. You could approach this topic in a number of different ways; you can talk about the pro vs. cons of using this kind of therapy or focus more on the science behind its use. This is a very flexible topic that can fit into just about any microbiology curriculum.

  9. Cloning
  10. The idea of cloning has been around for a while and although it is not a fresh point of discussion there are always new developments surrounding the research that you could investigate.

  11. Antibacterial Products
  12. Recent discoveries have suggested the possibility that antibacterial products could be potentially harmful to our immune system. You could investigate the credibility of these claims by looking into the ongoing research and determining their merit.

  13. Methods of Food Preservation
  14. We all know about food preservatives however, one interesting way to tackle this topic would be to look at how the technology of the future can improve food preservation and safe consumption.

  15. Vaccines
  16. Recent discoveries have brought into question the effectiveness of certain vaccines such as the flu. A potential topic could be to examine the cause and solution to such problems.

  17. Epidemics
  18. Analyze the current protocols for disease control and fill in the gaps with possible solutions.

  19. What Does the Future Hold
  20. A broad topic in microbiology than can be taken in any direction. Examine the advances in the field both technologically and theoretically. What could the future potentially look like given the resources?

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