What Are The Essential Components Of A Research Paper And How To Write Them Properly?

Over the years, research writing has increasingly become an integral part of academia in many parts of the world and as result; many higher learning institutions have had to incorporate it into the curriculum as a compulsory undertaking. In many ways, this is an area that has equipped students with the practical necessary for professional engagements in the job market. In trying to have a good glimpse of what consumers think regarding certain companies and the products or products they offer, research becomes a big necessity and it is for this reason that before a student can craft a paper, you are required to take time in trying to come up with a good topic. Well, there are many things which go into writing a practical study paper and at the very least; students ought to know the sections which must appear in a write up. As opposed to conventional essay writing where students are supposed to focus on the introduction, body and conclusion, academic research writing takes a deeper dive into subsections which must be explored to the fullest. Sections of a research paper are also referred to as components.

Well, in different disciplines, there are variations regarding the names of research paper components. However, there are universal terms which apply across different disciplines. In a bid to help students write their term paper well, a look at these essential components is the key and so, in this post, we take you through some of the most significant ones so that next time you are writing, you are at ease with every bit of what the paper requires.

Title page

Well, an academic research paper without the title would most likely be disregarded or even discarded. This is one of the key components of complete writing and as such, you must employ the rules of title page writing. You must use the recommended academic writing style which to a greater extent would determine how the page is formatted.


The need for a good introduction cannot be compromised under strict regulations. With this in mind, craft an introduction that would serve as a hook for your paper.


Your study style, design, tools you will use and approach are best captured under this section, so always make a point of ensuring your abstract is precise, concise and brief. Contact MyPaperWriter if you're not sure you can do it no your own.

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